Album review: Whitesnake, Slip of the Tongue (1989)


By Steve Newton

David Coverdale sure knows how to make good use of his previously recorded tunes. First he had a huge hit with a revamped version of “Here I Go Again”, and now he’s resurrected a nine-year-old British hit called “Fool for Your Loving” and released it as the first single from the new Slip of the Tongue. It’s actually one of the best tracks on the record.

Coverdale is also pretty effective when it comes to picking guitar players to accompany his heavy, blues-rock bastardizations. This time out he’s snagged lanky string-bender Steve Vai from the clutches of David Lee Roth, and the result is an LP that–while a little short on killer tunes–definitely has the talent to back it up.

As per usual, Coverdale’s macho lyrics get a bit much on tracks like “Cheap An’ Nasty” and “Kittens Got Claws”, so he won’t be winning any feminist fans this time around. But with Vai in the fold–and the steady work of bassist Rudy Sarzo and veteran drummer Tommy Aldridge–fans of crotch-grabbing raunch ‘n’ roll should be satiated here.


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