The Vat owner Terry Cave puts his beloved Red Deer venue up for sale

By Steve Newton

Just heard that my long-time friend, musician and proprietor Terry Cave, has put his much-loved Red Deer pub, The Vat, up for sale.

“Terr Bear” made the announcement on the Vat’s Facebook page today:

Hi everyone. It’s with mixed emotions that I am making this announcement. After 21 years of having the time of my life running The Vat, I’ve decided it’s time to move on. As of today I am putting The Vat up for sale. This hasn’t been an easy decision. I have spent 21 great years here at The Vat. I’ve had the honour to host and sometimes jam with phenomenal local, national and international talent. I have made friendships that will last my lifetime. This has been an amazing journey but I am ready to pass the torch. I hope there’s someone out there that will want to carry on the live music experience that is The Vat. If you’re interested please private message me. Thank you, Terry.

Cave (far right) jamming at the Vat

The accolades for Cave have been pouring in from patrons and performers on Facebook, like this one from One Bad Son member Kurt Dahle:

“Many great memories there Terry. One that stands out is our first ever OBS show there when approximately 6 people showed up. We played our hearts out and you paid us, a ‘paid rehearsal’ you called it. I’ve used that term ever since more times than I’d like to admit. Cheers to you, cheers to the Vat. Thanks for everything.”

“It’s hard to imagine the Vat without Terry,” writes Ryan Marchant. “They are completely synonymous with each other. It’s the single most important venue in the development of my musical career, and it wouldn’t have been so if it wasn’t for Terry giving absolutely every single one of us musicians a chance to shine on that stage, over and over again. From my first RDC Pub Show to all 4 Band Swaps and everything in between, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Terry Cave. You changed a lot of lives for the better through your work. All the best in whatever comes next for you.

“And to whomever becomes the next owner, you have some gigantic shoes to fill.”

Coulda been the Willie Nelson, coulda been the Terry Cave

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