The Bomboras’ Farfisa-loving Gregg “Candy Land” Hunt says he’s an Animals fan to the end


By Steve Newton

I’ve been a horror fan as long as I can remember, so the new Bomboras CD, Head Shrinkin’ Fun, caught my eye immediately. Even before I heard the Southern California quintet’s surf-garage sound, they were winning points with me for the CD jacket, which is designed like a gruesome board game, with players’ instructions to “remove opponent’s eyeballs,” “sew opponent’s mouth shout,” and—that old standby—“pour salt in opponent’s wounds.”

Obviously, these Bombora guys are a tad twisted—and probably lotsa fun in concert. According to the band’s Zombie A Go-Go Records bio, “on any given night the band might appear dressed as Borneo headhunters, glowing skeletons, or undead Mexican monsters.”

“We try to liven up the show with something crazy like that,” says lead guitarist Gregg “Candy Land” Hunt, calling from the band’s home base of Riverside, California. “The headhunter thing is a major ordeal, but it’s fun. And we’re into playing with fire, I guess you could say. Set some things on fire, like organs, guitars…hands. Things like that.”

The Bomboras—who make their second Vancouver appearance with a show at the Starfish Room on Wednesday (July 22)—even have a couple of go-go girls to accompany their surf-rock shenanigans, which could include Bomborized versions of tunes by bands as famous as the Ventures or as obscure as the Canadian Rogues. (Both of those groups are paid tribute on Head Shrinkin’ Fun, with the respective covers of “Hot Line” and “Keep in Touch”.)

One thing that separates the Bomboras from most of the other surf bands clogging up California is the prominence of Jake “Hungry Hungry Hippo” Cavaliere’s cheesy Farfisa organ, which gets equal time alongside the guitars of Hunt and Johnny “Twister” DeVilla.

“We’ve always had that idea of putting the organ up front,” says Hunt, “and in the process it separates us from all these guitar-driven surf bands. And I just love organ. I’m an Animals fan to the end, ya know.”

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