Album review: Spin Doctors, Turn It Upside Down (1994)


By Steve Newton

I’ve listened to this new Spin Doctors CD three times now, and there are only two songs out of the 13 offered that I would care to hear again.

“Mary Jane” and “You Let Yor Heart Go Too Fast’ are the only cuts on Turn It Upside Down that boast enough vitality and verse to prick up these ears; the rest have that same rambling aimless feel that made me wonder how in hell tunes from the previous mega-successful Pocketful of Kryptonite release–with the exception of the snappy “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”–ever became such huge radio hits.

Chris Barton’s lackadaisical vocal style is as sleep-inducing as ever, and I don’t care how sweet and cute his lyrics are on songs like “Cleopatra’s Cat”, “Biscuit Head”, and “Big Fat Funky Booty”.

Guitarist Eric Schenkman, bassist Mark White, and drummer Aaron Comess are talented players with fusion chops aplenty–“Bags of Dirt” shows those off well–but for the most part their instrumental skills are lost on drab arrangements.

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