Album review: Paul Dean, Machine (1994)


By Steve Newton

I first heard the Texas blues-style rhythm intro and moaning lead surge of Paul Dean‘s “Couldn’t Get Arrested” on the radio while mixing margaritas in my kitchen one sunny afternoon a month or two ago, but I had no idea who it was until the announcer came back on.

I quite liked the rough-hewn boogie tune, which could have passed for a Deguello-era ZZ Top smoker if it weren’t for the vocals, which sounded more like Keith Richards than anything else.

I decided it was a great rockin’ tune to mix margaritas to, and in celebration of that fact, I had done.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should go out and buy Paul Dean’s Machine and then mix yourself up a big batch of peach and strawberry margs, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Most of the songs on the former Streetheart and Loverboy guitarist’s latest disc follow the party-mode feel of “Couldn’t Get Arrested”, with “Closer to the Flame”–which burns along to five-year-old drum tracks by the late Brian “Too Loud” MacLeod–setting the pace.

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