Famed guitar writer Jas Obrecht releases never-before-heard interview with Eddie Van Halen

Jas n’ Eddie

By Steve Newton

If you were a dedicated guitar freak in the late-’70s and through to the ’90s, there’s a good chance you picked up a copy of Guitar Player magazine with a cover story written by Jas Obrecht.

I still remember picking up a copy that featured an awe-inspiring new guitarist named Eddie Van Halen.

Well, just like yours truly, Obrecht was one of those writers who kept all the cassette tapes of his interviews with rock legends, and that’s good news for fans of EVH.

Obrecht has just released a 113-minute phone interview he did with Eddie back in 1979, and it’s pure gold for hardcore fans of the late guitar hero.

For more of Obrecht’s interviews, visit his Substack page.

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