Honeymoon Suite forgets to add guts to the gravy in Vancouver


By Steve Newton

I have mixed feelings about Honeymoon Suite. For one thing, I hate the name. I’ve always hated the name. What a dumb name.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll admit that I do like some of the band’s songs. There’s nothing wrong with hook-filled tunes like “Burning In Love”, “Stay in the Light”, and the new one, “Love Changes Everything”. It’s the hokey songs that I can live without.

Unfortunately there was an equal number of both at the group’s Expo Theatre gig last Saturday (July 16)

After a thoroughly lame opening set by Charlottetown’s Haywire, the righteous sounds of ZZ Top’s “La Grange” came blaring over the P.A. and I figured, “Alright, maybe it’s time for some rock ‘n’ roll.” Having never seen Honeymoon Suite live before I thought they might be a band that could really rage in concert and put their records to shame.

Wrongo, Stevie Boy.

The teenyboppers loved ’em, of course, but it definitely was not a show for anyone who likes a little guts with their gravy. With a few exceptions the songs sounded calculated and formulaic–and what’s rock and roll without a few chances taken?

It ain’t, really.

After the show, as the fans piled out, a girl of about 15 said it better than I ever could. “Wow!,” she bellowed, “I can’t wait until Glass Tiger!”

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