Album review: Dan Fogelberg, Windows and Walls (1984)


By Steve Newton

Dan Fogelberg rocking? Is nothing sacred?

Well, from the sound of the opening cut on his new album, you might start to wonder. “The Language of Love” is sinfully heavy in comparison to the heartfelt, semi-sentimental ballads Fogelberg is famous for.

But rock is more the exception than the rule on Windows and Walls, and tunes like the storybook “Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)” and my personal fave, “The Loving Cup”, bring back that wistful, yearning spirit evident on earlier albums like Netherlands and the Tim Weisberg collaboration Twin Sons of Different Mothers.

Joining Fogelberg on the new LP are former Linda Ronstadt drummer Russ Kunkel, bassist Kenny Passarelli, and hornman Tom Scott. The Porcaro brothers Jeff and Mike play on the album’s closer, “Gone Too Far”, and former Eagle Timothy B. Schmit lends harmony and background vocals to three songs.


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