Ziggi’s All-Star Jam brings out Vancouver’s best-known rockers


By Steve Newton

After taking in the subtle craftsmanship of Leonard Cohen and his band at the Orpheum, I was ready for something completely different, so headed down to Gastown and “Ziggi’s All-Star Jam” at the Body Shop.

Every Wednesday for the last two months drummer Ziggi–formerly with the Ray Roper Band and Lake Shindell–has been inviting some of the best-known rockers in town to drop by and show their stuff.

On the night that I was there Ab Bryant of Headpins was playing bass, Tom Lang of Sharp Edges was on keyboards, and Mike Skinner of the R&B Allstars was blowing sax. Whammy-bar wizard Skip Prest was handling the guitar, and the organizer of the jam–Ziggi himself–was laying down the percussion.

They did extended versions of tunes like “Route 66”, “Superstitious”, and “Jesus Just Left Chicago”, and were then joined by Stilleto vocalist Dave Steele for T-Rex’s “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”.

Other locals to hop on stage recently include axeman Brian “Too Loud” MacLeod and singer Darby Mills of Headpins, and percussionist Cathy Turcel. The weekly jams have also been used to showcase musicians for club acts in the Feldman, Ace Booking, and Phil Watkins rosters.

Ziggi’s next “All-Star Jam” takes place at the Embassy on May 29, and subsequent Wednesdays at that Davie Street location.

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