I freakin’ love Uriah Heep’s live version of “Circus” with Ian Anderson on flute

By Steve Newton

I was just searching around on YouTube for Uriah Heep‘s “Magician’s Birthday”, ’cause I needed a music-from-high-school fix, when I came across a concert video I’d never seen before, posted on the UriahHeepNetwork channel.

It shows the band performing what is probably my favourite Heep song, the beautiful “Circus”, off the Sweet Freedom album of 1975.

I’m not sure when or where the clip was recorded, but it features since-deceased band members Trevor Bolder (bass) and Lee Kerslake (drums), so had to be shot before Bolder passed in 2013 (Kerslake left us in 2020).

The coolest thing about the clip is that it has Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull playing flute, and man does he play it pretty. I’d forgotten what a wicked flute player that guy is. Almost makes me want to go out and buy a flute.

Just kiddin’.

Check it out:

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