10 minutes on the phone with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in 1983

By Steve Newton

I don’t get out to that many rock concerts these days, mainly ’cause I’m an old fogie living out in the ‘burbs and most of my concert-going buddies have either passed away (like Ferg) or moved back to Alberta (like the guys from Mad Duck).

But my nephew Jeff offered to take me to see Iron Maiden in Vancouver next month (October 2 at Rogers Arena), so it looks like the earwax in my ancient soundholes will be getting liquified at least one more time. (I took Jeff to see Maiden on the Powerslave tour back in 1984, when he was 14, so you could say that he still owes me.)

Thinking about seeing Iron Maiden in 2023 got me pondering that time 40 years ago when Bruce Dickinson called me from L.A. during the World Piece Tour, and we had a nice little chat.

Here’s the first 10 minutes of that conversation, in which Dickinson talks about the previous year’s exit of drummer Clive Burr, new skinbasher Nicko McBrain, producer Martin Birch, the new Piece of Mind album, and his band’s growing popularity worldwide.

Have a listen:

To hear the full 19-minute audio of my 1983 interview with Bruce Dickinson,–as well as my 1980s interviews with Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris and Dave Murray–check out my Patreon page, where you will find over 400 of my uncut, one-on-one conversations with the legends of rock since 1982.

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