Jackass star dies in fiery Pennsylvania car crash



Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of MTV’s reality-TV show Jackass and its subsequent feature-length films, died early this morning when the car he was driving crashed in the woods near his home in the West Goshem Township of Pennsylvania. A passenger in Dunn’s vehicle, yet to be identified, also died. Just hours before the crash, Dunn posted a photo on Twitter of himself drinking with friends.

While not as famous as other Jackass cast members such as Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, or his close friend Bam Margera, Dunn was a dedicated member of the group’s daredevil stunt team. He is perhaps best known for shoving a toy car up his rectum and then going to the doctor for an X-Ray in the first Jackass movie of 2002.

He also drew attention for his reckless driving of a golf cart that flipped and knocked Knoxville unconscious for a brief time.

In a press release, Van Toffler of MTV Networks Music/Film Group stated: “We are devastated by the tragic loss of Ryan Dunn–a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade. He made us all laugh and had the tireless enthusiastic approach to life of your favourite middle-school friend.”

Dunn was 34 years old.

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