Backstage with the King of Nasty Rock, Alice Cooper


By Steve Newton

After his Vancouver performance on the Hey Stoopid Tour, I think it was, I got to say howdy to one of my biggest rock idols of all time.

I still think Alice Cooper’s string of early ’70s albums–Love It to Death, School’s Out, Killer, Billion Dollar Babies, and Muscle of Love–is unmatchable as far as melodic guitar-rock goes.

Kevin Statham took this photo, and included local horror author Jay Clarke (aka Michael Slade), who was seated over on Cooper’s left.

But there was too much of a space between those two scary guys, so I just cut Jay out. That way it looks like me and the Coop are close buds, hangin’ out, chattin’ about old times.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarke is miffed enough to name one of the characters in his Mountie-noir novels after me, and then violently kill him off.


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