B.B. King: The nicest bluesman I ever met


By Steve Newton

I’ve interviewed a lot of incredible bluesmen over the years, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Albert Collins, and Roy Buchanan.

But far and away the nicest was B.B. King.

Famed Vancouver punk-rock photographer Bev Davies snapped this shot of me ‘n’ B.B. in his hotel room at the Plazazz Showroom in North Vancouver, when he was doing a string of dates there back in ’84.

One thing I remember about the encounter was, after the interview, when we shared an elevator to the lobby, just me and him. Out of the blue he just said, “It’s a weird, weird world,” but didn’t elaborate.

I took the photo with me backstage when B.B. was playing the Orpheum Theatre some years later, and he signed it real nice for me.

Man I love that guy.

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