I was there to see Tom Cochrane, not Glass Tiger


By Steve Newton

One of the few worthwhile legacies of the 1986 Vancouver Expo was the Expo Theatre, where I saw a few good shows around that time, including Kim Mitchell, Joe Jackson, and Alvin Lee from Ten Years After.

One summer day in ’87 I visited the outdoor venue to see Tom Cochrane, who I’ve always thought was the great Canadian rock singer-songwriter, miles ahead of the overrated Bryan Adams.

This was right between his Tom Cochrane & Red Rider and Victory Day albums, which were both great.

And no, I wasn’t there to see the coheadliner.


One thought on “I was there to see Tom Cochrane, not Glass Tiger

  1. Steve! Gotta laugh finding your post here. Oh the memories. I saw Tom Cochrane & Red Rider the year before at Expo as well. They put on a great concert. And yes, they were with Glass Tiger. I actually went away feeling very sorry for Glass Tiger as their audience seemed to be made up of 12 year old girls who were giving them dolls. These poor girls were sincere and bless Alan Frew’s heart, he was diplomatic about it.

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