Peyton’s redneck weaponry proves the spud gun’s range beyond Powell River


While doing some YouTube research for my story on the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band–which plays the Vancouver Fan Club this Wednesday–I came across a pretty cool video from 2009 for the tune “Mama’s Fried Potatoes”.

What struck me most about the clip–apart from the awesome shitkicker music–was the Rev’s use of a homemade shootin’ machine that he uses to blast the crap out of a watermelon and a jug of milk.

When Peyton called in from New Mexico a coupla weeks ago I asked him if those were common gadgets where he’s from, down Indiana way.

“Well it’s a common thing for kids to play with, I guess, if you’re like a teenager,” he said. “You make em outta stuff from the hardware store, then use hairspray to fire ’em. It’s pretty cool.

“We live in a very watered-down, suburbanite society,” he added. “Most people would probly be amazed at how easy it is to make weapons. They’ve yet to really create a complicated weapon. They’re simple machines.”

The only other time I’d seen a “spud gun” in action was up in Powell River, when my electrician father-in-law fashioned one out of PVC pipe and a barbecue starter, then used butane to blast chunks of potato off into the Strait of Georgia.

It came in particularly handy for creating a blizzard of confetti at his daughter’s backyard wedding back in ’96.


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