Horror review: Captivity



As the distributor of the Hostel and Saw franchises, Vancouver-based Lionsgate Films has a virtual stranglehold on today’s gruesome and sadistic horror flicks. But now that Lionsgate has seen how much money it can make with so-called torture porn, it’s gotten greedy; case in point being Captivity is not a scary movie. This is a movie where a young woman is abducted, tied down, and subjected to sadistic experiments.

The unfortunate Elisha Cuthbert (from TV’s 24) plays Jennifer Tree, a famous fashion model who catches the eye of a sicko who wants to make her pay for her wicked ways (and red lipstick). So he stalks her, then spikes her drink at a nightclub charity event before whisking her away to a high-tech cell for physical and psychological torment, including pretending to shower her face with acid.

Her best lines during these scenes are “Help!”, “Heellpp!”, and “Heeelllppp!”

But nobody helps; at least not until she discovers that there’s another captive on the other side of a glass wall. And whaddya know, he’s a fashion model too! Or at least he looks like one. When the two victims are bound side by side, this hunky guy (Daniel Gillies) screams at the hooded torturer to leave the girl alone and do him instead, then, as requested, gets a tooth yanked out with pliers. That heroic act leads to some steamy sex when the two prisoners are returned to the cell they now share.

Could happen.

There is a twist in Captivity, but it doesn’t justify viewing this ludicrous mess, clunkily directed by; believe it or not; Roland Joffé of The Mission and The Killing Fields fame. The only smart move made by the filmmakers was casting Pruitt Taylor Vince as the torturer. Too bad you only get to see his face for a coupla minutes.

Man, that’s one freaky-lookin’ dude.


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