Horror review: Obsessed



After Ali Larter appeared in the first two Final Destination body-count flicks, she was voted number two on Maxim’s Hottest Women of Horror Movies list, right behind Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s a real stunner, so it’s no wonder the makers of Obsessed chose her to go up against the radiant Beyoncé Knowles in this utterly predictable yet moderately engrossing stalkerfest.

The movie opens with married yuppies Sharon (Knowles) and Derek (Idris Elba) parking their luxury SUV in the driveway of the L.A. mansion they’ve just bought for themselves and their beautiful baby boy. Life is splendid for the couple, since the big promotion he received in his job as an asset manager means she can pursue her own career dreams.

The blissful couple are so hot for each other that 10 minutes after taking possession of the deluxe pad, they’re doing the nasty on the bedroom carpet—but not before discovering how flimsy the attic floor is, in case somebody evil needs to fall through it.

Scant hours after boinking Beyoncé, Derek is in his office elevator eyeing the shapely gams of temp assistant Lisa (Larter). Though he’s determined to remain faithful, the guy used to be a playa, so he can’t help his wandering gaze.

Before you can say “She’s just like Glenn Close, only sexy,” Lisa’s lunging for Derek’s dick at the company Christmas party and flashing her lingerie-clad curves in the passenger seat of his Mercedes. Once she starts stalking him at home and messing with the baby, the stage is set for a knockdown-dragout catfight between the psycho slut and the protective wife and mom.

Fans of the Final Destination flicks should enjoy seeing how Larter’s horror roots are revisited in the over-the-top climax of this trashy exercise in glossy B-movie-making.

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