Horror review: The Moth Diaries



If you thought the Twilight films were hard to sit through, wait until you get a load of this toothless attempt to cash in on today’s hormone-fuelled vampire craze.

Based on a young-adult novel by Rachel Klein, The Moth Diaries focuses on the mysterious Ernessa (Lily Cole), a moon-faced teen with outta-control eyebrows who enrolls in a fancy-pants girls boarding school. She draws the suspicion of Rebecca (Sarah Bolger), partially because she never eats, although—as one intrepid classmate ponders—how could an anorectic boast such a smoking-hot bod?

Speaking of hotties, there are no Robert Pattinsons or Taylor Lautners to ogle here, so they make do with Scott Speedman as a 30ish literature prof who ramps up the sexual tension by trying to unbutton Rebecca’s blouse. He claims to be a huge fan of her father, a famous poet who committed suicide by slashing his wrists, which is why we get to see Rebecca constantly fingering the razor blade she carries around as a bookmark.

As far as Ernessa is concerned, Rebecca’s traumatic discovery of her dad’s bloody body has built a bond between them that requires carnal consummation, but Rebecca pretty much avoids the new kid—until her best friend, Lucie (Sarah Gadon) becomes spellbound and starts wasting away. Next thing you know, Rebecca’s concern (or jealousy) finds her out on a window ledge at night, risking death to spy into Ernessa’s room but only discovering that it’s got a major moth problem.

Her inner exterminator roused, Rebecca goes on the offensive, leading to a shockingly bland climax. By that point, you will have lost any interest in what harmless flying insects have to do with anything, or how they manage to keep little tiny diaries in the first place.

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