Anthrax brings the noise with a little help from Public Enemy



By Steve Newton

“Disco and rap, it’s all crap.” That used to be this scribbler’s motto, until he heard Anthrax’s rapped-up version of “Bring the Noise”, which combines a seriously sonic guitar onslaught with the streetwise poetry of Public Enemy. It’s a great tune and one that led to the pairing of the two acts on a tour that brings them to the PNE Forum next Thursday (October 24).

“We just felt the need for it,” says Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna about the tour. “We did the song and we did the video, and everybody was into Public Enemy, so we figured we’d do the tour. We asked [Public Enemy’s] Chuck on the bus on the way to the video shoot, and he definitely wanted to do it, so we gave him a call and worked it out.

“At first, most of the promoters were kinda hesitant to do it,” adds Belladonna, “and people were really scared at times, but now it’s starting to snowball.”

As Belladonna points out, yours truly isn’t the only hard-rock fan who’s given in to the evils of rap.

“I see a lot of it,” he says. “But, on the other hand, there’s a lot of people that just refuse to deal with rap, you know—they’re just a metal head and that’s all they’re gonna be. There’s nothin’ wrong with that, either way. I mean, we’re not trying to force anything to anyone, we’re just tryin’ to show we can do a tour however we want to do it. All we’ve been doing is metal tours, and we just felt there was a time for this.”

The last time Anthrax played Vancouver, the band was doing the metal thing on the Clash of the Titans tour with Slayer, Alice in Chains, and Megadeth. Belladonna figures that tour was also a good move on the band’s part.

“We were pretty much the band that got through the metal side of it and also won over the really basic thrash kids, too. I mean, we cross over to some of the Slayer crowd—the real hard, hard-ass crowd. We hit both sides on that tour, and I think we did real well.”

And what about the other bands on the Anthrax/Public Enemy bill?

“Well, the Young Black Teenagers open the night, and they’re real short—they don’t have very much time up there doin’ what they’re doin’. And Primus…they’re different. They definitely draw a real college-type, yuppy kind of crowd. It’s good. I mean, they’re goin’ over all right.”

Yuppies at an Anthrax show? Well, I suppose if I can get off on a rap tune, anything’s possible these days. I’m just hoping that the band’s version of the Ventures’ “Pipeline”—as heard on their latest release, Attack of the Killer B’s—makes it into their set. Belladonna echoes those surf-music sentiments.

“Exactly, yeah. Ha, ha! Hawaii Five-O, man.”


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