David Wilcox’s whimsical boogie doesn’t warrant a 63-song box set



By Steve Newton

In the early ’80s David Wilcox flew onto the Canadian music scene with Out of the Woods, a debut album that was chock-full of snappy, whimsically rocking tunes that couldn’t help but infect you with their primal, blues-driven energy.

Catchy tracks such as “Bump Up Ahead”, “Bad Apple”, and “Hypnotizin’ Boogie” boded well for the recording career of the Montreal-born singer-songwriter, but, unfortunately, Wilcox’s subsequent recordings have never matched the quality of that first release.

He’s had a few good tunes per album, those most often being the straight-ahead video-singles like “Layin’ Pipe” and “The Natural Edge”, but that hardly warrants the release of a three-CD, 63-song anthology package.

Only those who believe that Wilcox is God deserve this classic case of record-company overkill; the rest should be satisfied with a much shorter, single-disc compilation, 1985’s The Best of David Wilcox.

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