Ten recommended horror flicks now streaming on Netflix Canada


Halloween is fast approaching, and everyone who’s coughed up their 8 bucks a month for Netflix is no doubt scanning the Horror section to see what’s available.

Decent scary movies are hard to find, so here’s a quick rundown of 10 now streaming on Netflix Canada that I’d wholeheartedly recommend.

They’re listed in order of how freakin’ awesome they are:

1) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) “It’s the best horror flick ever made in Vancouver.” (At least it was until Horns came around.)

2) The Descent (2006) “I dare say that it’s in the running with The Hills Have Eyes as top horror flick of the year.”

3) Wolf Creek (2005) “Low-budget horror doesn’t get much better than this.”

4) In Fear (2013) “A masterful example of lean ‘n’ mean outdoor nightmare-making that resonates with the same power of Wolf Creek, but without all the torture and gore.

5) The Woman in Black (2012) “Creepy enough to recommend to long-suffering horror fans who are due for an old-fashioned respite from the gory, hyperactive shockfests of today.”

6) Hostel (2006) “The most extreme, punishing, pain-filled gorefest yours truly has ever cringed through.”

7) Child’s Play (1988) “With equal portions of frolic and fear, Child’s Play is a hilarious hair-raiser that is highly recommended for horror fans.”

8) Buried (2010) “A gripping real-time experiment in close-quarters dread.”

9) 1408 (2007) “Derailed director Mikael Håfström effectively counterbalances the scenes of throat-clenching sadness and claustrophobic shocks.”

10) The Last Exorcism (2010) “A fairly absorbing pseudo-documentary demonic-possession flick with all the bodily contortions and jittery camerawork you’d expect.”


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