Some dude who followed me on Twitter plays a pretty mean goldtop


So I was checking out my Twitter account on the commute home last night and I noticed that my number of followers had blasted up from 1435 to an impressive fourteen-hundred and thirty-six. My new follower was a guy named Niro Knox, who looked like a pretty rockin’ dude.

So I took a gander at some of his tweets and found one labelled “Guitar Solo” that was a link to a year-old YouTube video he’d posted. It’s just him riffing out on a goldtop Les Paul, but as he soon as he hit a note it reminded me of Gary Moore, so I immediately followed him back.

That is all.

Update, Nov. 26: Dude just unfollowed me!

Update #2, Nov. 26: realizing the gravity of his mistake, Dude just followed me again!

Update #3, Dec. 21: making a mockery of the spirit of Christmas, Dude unfollowed me again.

Update #4, Dec. 21, 8 pm: Dude’s following me again. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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