Stephen King’s Pet Sematary recalled by “dead” cat’s return from the grave


sadly, this is not the work of Tom Savini

By Steve Newton

The film version of Stephen King’s terrifying 1983 novel, Pet Sematary, sucked the biggie. I reviewed it way back in the spring of 1989, describing it as “a dead dog that deserves no last rites.”

But according to, some cat named Bart from out Florida way just loved the plot about a graveyard where felines and humans alike get a new lease on life.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay released a statement explaining what happened to the unfortunate critter after his owner discovered that he had been hit by a car:

“The cat appeared to be lifeless and the owner buried him. Five days later, the cat showed up in a neighbors yard, alive! He had dug himself out of the grave and slowly made his way back home, albeit in weak, dehydrated and in need of medical attention.”

Strangely enough, Bart—who will thankfully survive despite wounds on his face, a broken jaw, and a ruined eye—looks a lot scarier than the one they used in the movie:


Told ya it sucked.


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