The ultimate Queen fan and vinyl freak just creamed his or her jeans


By Steve Newton

There’s been some pretty freakin’ sweet deluxe-edition vinyl box sets released in the last little while, especially if you’re a ’70s-rock fanatic.

That John Lennon package from last April–with all his solo albums on LP–was a real treat for Lennon aficianados.

And the Roxy Music collection that came out the month before that was a godsend for nostalgia-loving art-rock freaks.

But the granddaddy of all ’70s rock reissues has to be the Queen Studio Collection, which will be released this Friday (October 2).

That groaning noise you’ll hear in a couple of days will be the sound of delivery men around the world straining under the weight of those 18 180-gram discs that make up the package, which comes in a flip-top gold box with a 108-page hardcover book.

The coolest thing for vinyl freaks is that all but two of the discs come in coloured vinyl. Fans of turquoise and blue, like me, will be particularly pleased.

That’s what I call killer Queen.

All that pretty plastic’s gonna cost ya though. I mean, if you put five bucks (Canadian) away each day for the next 100 days you’ll still come up short.

Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t become a rock journalist who gets wicked stuff for free.

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