Slash bassist Todd Kerns thinks it’s “surreal” that Axl Rose is in AC/DC


By Steve Newton

I was interviewing Todd Kerns a few days ago in advance of his gig with the Age of Electric in Vancouver next weekend, and naturally–since he’s the bassist for Slash–the conversation headed in to Guns N’ Roses territory.

I asked him what he thought of GN’R singer Axl Rose taking Brian Johnson‘s spot in AC/DC, and the words “surreal” and “bizarre” came into play.

Check it out:


For more from Todd Kerns–the most rockin’ Canadian bassist of the 21st century–stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Slash bassist Todd Kerns thinks it’s “surreal” that Axl Rose is in AC/DC

  1. Axl voice is kind of grinding one.. Just too much shouting. The right one was Bon’s one.. Call one. No special shouting like “new singers!”. Strange a brew nowadays.. Singers made more important than a band… Bullshit… Just EGO…

  2. Here’s the thing, Axl is a fan of the band, all of the other names mentioned are not. Axl does not need the money, neither does Angus, so what do you prefer some guy that is going to go in, and go through the motions because he’s just collecting a paycheck? Or someone that’s going to be playing with one of his influences?

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