That time Gord Downie told me about the music scene in Kingston and being influenced by the Yardbirds and Stones


By Steve Newton

Back in 2016, when the awful news about Gord Downie’s incurable brain cancer came out, I started posting excerpts from the first interview I did with him in 1989.

The first one had him talking about a couple of the tunes on the Hip’s then-new album, Up to Here, and the second one focused on that album as well ’cause, you know, “it’s a mighty hot one”.

The third excerpt from that chat with the up-and-coming 25-year-old has him calling me up from a roadside stop near Brantford, Ontario (“the home of Wayne Gretsky”). I asked him about the music scene growing up in Kingston and his band’s biggest influences.

Have a listen:

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