That time Robert Plant told me he wasn’t “a dumb cluck who wears tight jeans and sings fast songs about women’s parts”


By Steve Newton

I often wish I could have started my journalism career 10 years earlier than I did–like in 1972 instead of ’82. Then maybe I would have had the chance to pull a Cameron Crowe and interview Led Zeppelin on its 1973 North American tour or some crazy-ass shit like that.

But whoa is me–the closest I ever got to sitting down with Zep was a 13-minute phone conversation with Robert Plant in 1993 when he was touring behind his Fate of Nations album.

Still, that was pretty cool. And he dropped some quotable quotes. Like when I asked about the album’s environmental subject matter, and whether he’d been impressed by Midnight Oil‘s stand against the clearcutting of rainforests in British Columbia at the time. Somehow the topic went from trees to T&A.

Have a listen:


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