That time I asked 18-year-old guitar star Derek Trucks who he’d most like to jam with


his wish to jam with B.B. came true

By Steve Newton

The first time I interviewed Derek Trucks–back in March of 1998, when he was just 18–I mentioned that he’d already played with famous folks like Bob Dylan and Buddy Guy, but wondered who else he’d most like to jam with. He mentioned a couple of stone-cold blues legends, one Hindustani classical musician, and a jazz guy.

Have a listen:


At the time, Trucks had only released one album–the Derek Trucks Band’s self-titled debut–and nobody could know for certain that he’d become a world-famous guitarist in his own right.

Although the signs were definitely there.

So near the end of the conversation I asked him if music was what he wanted to do with his life. Sounds like a dumb question now–and maybe it was back then, too–but there ya go.

Have another listen:


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