That time I asked J.J. Cale why it took him seven years to get an album out


By Steve Newton

I feel extremely fortunate to have interviewed J.J. Cale a couple of times during the legendary songwriter’s lifetime.

The first time was back in 1990, when he was touring behind his first album on the Silvertone label, Travel-Log, which featured the incredible James Burton on guitar.

It was Cale’s first album in seven years, so at one point in the conversation I asked him what the wait was all about.

Have a listen:


When the interview wound to a close I asked J.J. what his plans were when the tour was over, if he was gonna take some more time off, and in his famously laidback fashion he declared: “There’s no hurry.”

Have another listen:


Man I love J.J. Cale.

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