That time I told Ronnie Montrose that I really liked Speed of Sound, and he said that he liked Music From Here more


By Steve Newton

Like most hard-rock freaks in the seventies, I went nuts when I heard the debut Montrose album in ’73, and the fierce glory of Ronnie Montrose’s cranked guitar unleashed.

I continued to love the music he made with singer Davey Pattison in the more prog-oriented rock band Gamma.

And when Ronnie went all-instrumental for the first time with Open Fire in ’78, I was totally with him them as well.

You could say that I’ve loved damn near everything the American guitar hero has put to tape.

When I did my one-and-only interview with Montrose in 1994, he was touring behind his all-instrumental Music From Here album, which was also mighty fine. I didn’t like it quite as much as 1988’s The Speed of Sound, which was the heaviest of his instrumental albums, but he begged to differ.

Have a listen:


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