That time Dickey Betts told me that the Allmans had “a good old time” on that porch from the Shades of Two Worlds cover

By Steve Newton

When I interviewed Dickey Betts back on July 18, 1991, it was just two weeks since the Allman Brothers had released their 10th studio album, Shades of Two Worlds.

That was very much “a Dickey album”, since he’d written or co-written (with fellow guitarist Warren Haynes) five of the album’s eight tracks, and also arranged the cover of Robert Johnson’s “Come On in My Kitchen”.

It was a great album, no doot aboot it.

Epic Records sent me my review copy on CD, which was the preferred format at the time. Looking back, I would have preferred vinyl, but there you go.

Preparing for the interview–the second of my four chats with the legendary picker (so far)–I studied the CD’s liner notes and saw that the cover concept was attributed to Betts and photographer Kirk West. As you can see above, the front cover depicts the six Brothers hanging out with some guitars on the front porch of a rustic old house, with four or five other unidentified dudes along for the chill.

So I asked Dickey where the cover photo was taken.

Have a listen:




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