That time I called Dickey Betts to talk about the Allmans’ live album and a lady said he wasn’t home

kirk west photo

By Steve Newton

I’ve interviewed Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts four times, which is pretty cool, since he was one of my main guitar heroes in the seventies.

Over the last year or so I’ve been posting audio excerpts from my 1991 interview with Dickey, when the Allmans were touring behind their Shades of Two Worlds album, and people really seemed to enjoy hearing ’em. Being a northerner myself, I get a kick out of listening to his southern drawl. And besides being a wicked guitarist and fine songwriter, he strikes me as a pretty thoughtful guy.

I did my third interview with him in July of 1992, one month after the band released An Evening With the Allman Brothers Band: First Set. I thought it was a smokin’ live disc. With Dickey trading licks with Warren Haynes, how could it not be?

Anyway, when I called Dickey up the woman who answered–his wife or girlfriend maybe–said that he wasn’t home, but when I told her I was calling for a scheduled interview, she admitted that he was actually there.

I was happy about that.

Have a listen:


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