Yes guitarist Steve Howe complains that he was never listed as a Telecaster player

By Steve Newton

I’ve been fortunate enough to have interviewed legendary guitarist Steve Howe three times, in 1998, 2001, and just two weeks ago, in advance of a Yes show at the Queen E. Theatre in Vancouver.

When I first interviewed Howe he was still touring with original Yes vocalist Jon Anderson and bassist Chris Squire. Today’s Yes is a much different animal, member-wise, but Howe’s stellar guitarwork remains a constant.

Speaking of guitar, knowing that Howe has long favoured the Gibson ES-175, at one point in the interview I made the assumption that he’s never really been a Les Paul or Strat man–which he straightened me out on pretty quick.

I was also surprised to learn that he’d recorded the entire 1974 Yes album Relayer on a Fender Telecaster.

Shows what I know about Steve Howe and his guitars.

Have a listen:


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