Album review: the Beat Farmers, Loud and Plowed and…Live!! (1990)


By Steve Newton

San Diego’s prime providers of rude ’n’ rowdy rock ’n’ roll have finally done it. After years of putting on shows—a lot of them right here in Vancouver—that were so wild they verged on the criminal, the Beat Farmers have released a live album, capturing all the ferocity, grit, and spit of their crazed concerts.

Loud and Plowed and…Live!! (that’s two exclamation marks, buddy) includes some 20-odd tunes, recorded on and around last New Year’s Eve at the Bacchanal in San Diego. As well as Beat Farmer gems like “Hollywood Hills”, “Riverside”, and “Ridin'”, there are covers of tunes by the Kinks (“20th Century Man”), and Neil Young (“Roll Another Number [For the Road]”).

Fans of Beat Farmer drummer/MC/beer-stealer Country Dick Montana will be pleased by the big guy’s various appearances on a comical remake of Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille”, as well as his theme song “King of Sleaze”, which features a guest appearance by the tune’s co-writer, Mojo Nixon.



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