Album review: Nathan Cavaleri Band, Nathan (1994)



By Steve Newton

Rock-guitar wizards just keep getting younger and younger. Last year I thought I’d seen the littlest guitar wizard around when 13-year-old Steve Vai protégé Thomas McRocklin and his band, Bad4Good, opened for Joe Satriani at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Now 11-year-old Australian Nathan Cavaleri is out to make McRocklin look like an old-timer with a CD of blues-rock and R&B that features enough slick playing to make thirtysomething hackers like myself throw down our Strats in disgust.

The whippersnapper shines on original instrumentals such as the Roy Buchanan tribute “Bluzchanan” and the jazzy “Noodling”, and it’s scary to think how good he’ll be when he reaches his prime—around the year 2020 or so.


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