Album reviews: Alice Cooper, Dragontown (2001)



By Steve Newton

Alice Cooper used to be the king. In the early ’70s he released four successive LPs—Love It to Death, Killer, School’s Out, and Billion Dollar Babies—that continue to rank among the top 100 guitar-rock records of all time.

Back then Cooper and his band would use catchy melodies, stirring guitar riffs, and creative rhythm arrangements to colour his twisted and witty reflections on the dark side of the American dream. Now he’s content to churn out brainless, boring pseudometal albums like Dragontown.

It’s very sad.

Still, if the Coop comes to town, I’m goin’.

One response to “Album reviews: Alice Cooper, Dragontown (2001)

  1. While not quite as good as Brutal Planet, I disagree once again. While realizing some people live in the past and can’t see past the 70’s, he has had many great post 70’s albums and this one is really good. I prefer heavier Alice to the early and mid 70’s stuff.

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