Album review: Gary Moore, Corridors of Power (1983)


By Steve Newton

Gary Moore is an astounding rock guitarist, capable of wrenching the most scintillating and unique licks imaginable from six strings. His brief stints with Colosseum II and Thin Lizzy showed him to be a versatile and technically superior player, and on Corridors of Power his abilities as a songwriter are showcased along with his emotional guitaring.

“Don’t Take Me For a Loser” and “Gonna Break My Heart Again” are two of my favourite cuts, because on those tunes Moore’s instrument is slithery and snakelike, biting with extreme effect at just the right time. And he goes right rank on the oft-covered Free song, “Wishing Well”. His playing has to be heard to believed on that piece, as it does on the intro to “End of the World”. Van Halen and Schenker have nothing on Moore as far as all-out speed and precision is concerned.

His band includes former Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray and former Deep Purple skin-disturber Ian Paice. Keyboardist Tommy Eyre used to play with the Mark Almond Band.

Corridors of Power was produced by Jeff Glixman, who has worked on several albums by Kansas, and has a raw sound with the guitars right up front. Which is exactly where they should be when a player of Moore’s capacity is at the helm. Recommended for all fans of screaming rock guitar.



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