Album review: Thin Lizzy, Life (1983)


By Steve Newton

While not as well-produced as their first live LP Live and Dangerous, Thin Lizzy’s new double album does hold some interesting surprises for fans of boisterous hard rock.

Featuring guest appearances by legendary axemen Gary Moore, Eric Bell, and Brian Robertson, Life is culled from various concerts on Thin Lizzy’s farewell tour of Britain, and for the most part contains songs from their last four albums.

From their final studio album, last year’s Thunder and Lightning, is “The Sun Goes Down”, “Holy War”, “Cold Sweat”, and the title track. From 1981’s Renegade are fiery versions of “Renegade”, “Angel of Death”, and “Hollywood”, and from Black Rose there’s “Waiting for an Alibi”, “Got to Give It Up” (which features a mindblowing John Sykes guitar freakout), and “Roisin Dubh (A Rock Legend)”.

From the band’s breakthrough album Jailbreak, the songs “Emerald”, their first hit single “The Boys Are Back in Town”, and the blazing title track are included. There’s one song each from the Nightlife and Chinatown albums, the beautiful “Still in Love With You” and brutal “Killer on the Loose”, respectively. And from the old Vagabonds of the Western World days, “The Rocker” features all five guitarists–regulars Scott Gorham and John Sykes, along with the three guests–going completely bonkers.

Life is a good representation of what Thin Lizzy were like in their last days, but some of the selections could have been stronger. Seven of the songs were already recorded live on Live and Dangerous, so for owners of the latter LP it’s a little redundant to pick up the new one.



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