That time Warren Zevon told me about his cyberpunk-inspired concept album, Transverse City

By Steve Newton

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, I really like Warren Zevon. I only got to interview him once before his cancer death in 2003, but that one conversation–back in 1992–left a big impression on me. He was just such a smart, funny, no-bullshit kinda guy.

I admire him so much that I inducted him into Newt’s Rock Hall a couple years ago, knowing full well the dimwits who run that other Rock Hall in Cleveland might never get around to it.

I wish I could have interviewed him a bunch of times, but since I only have that single 17-minute chat on tape, I’ve been making the most of it. Search “Warren Zevon” on this site and you’ll find a bunch of audio excerpts from that interview.

I just like hearing his voice, for one thing. It’s got character up the ying-yang.

When we talked in ’92 Zevon was touring behind his latest album, Mr. Bad Example, and we got to talking about his previous release, 1989’s Transverse City, which he explained was originally supposed to be a cyberpunk album, inspired by reading William Gibson and Thomas Pynchon.

Have a listen:


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