AC/DC blockbuster news: Newt’s rumour proven true; Phil Rudd is in Vancouver–and Brian Johnson too!

photo courtesy Glenn Slavens & Crystal Lambert:

By Steve Newton

For all those AC/DC fans who’ve been hoping and praying that Brian Johnson would get back in the band–and that Axl Rose would go back to Guns N’ Roses, where he’s welcome–it appears as if those prayers have been answered.

A few days ago I posted a blog reporting that Phil Rudd and Stevie Young had been spotted in downtown Vancouver. A lot of folks seemed to think it was “fake news”, and wanted photographic proof.

Well, here ya go.

Vancouver resident (and hardcore AC/DC fan) Crystal Lambert has an apartment located near Warehouse Studios in the neighbourhood of Gastown, and she and longtime friend Glenn Slavens have been keeping an eye on the studio’s outside deck, where various band members seemingly retreat to get some air, use the barbie, and drink coffee (or perhaps Jack Daniels) from white mugs.

As you can see from the above photo, taken by Glenn two days ago, Rudd appears to be sharing a laugh with none other than Brian Freakin’ Johnson! He’s the longtime AC/DC singer who was replaced on tour by Axl Rose when hearing problems took him down after the release of 2014’s Rock or Bust album.

Could it be that Rudd and Johnson are chuckling because they just recorded the best AC/DC tune since “Back in Black”?

I’d like to think so.

More to come….

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8 thoughts on “AC/DC blockbuster news: Newt’s rumour proven true; Phil Rudd is in Vancouver–and Brian Johnson too!

  1. Please let it be true nothing will stop me going anywhere to see them it’s my biggest regret of my life and life’s to short not to see them and my bucket list would not be complet come on let’s rock 1#

  2. Best news ever since Brian got ear problems and Axl Rose entered the stage as replacement !!!
    I went to a koncert in Denmark and I wasn’t Happy !!
    Far from …..
    Axl is good in GunsN’Roses ( stay there please ) NOT in AC/DC !!!
    Så welcome back Brian Johnson you have been missed so much !!!!

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