AC/DC exclusive: Angus Young lights up nephew Stevie at the Warehouse in Vancouver

photo courtesy Glenn Slavens and Crystal Lambert (

By Steve Newton

Alright, I’m starting to feel a tad guilty now, posting all these candid AC/DC photos. Actually, it’s only been two now–the first one being yesterday’s rumour-busting shot of Phil Rudd and Brian Johnson yukking it up on the patio deck at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studio.

I guess I haven’t entered the realm of hardcore paparazzi kingpin quite yet.

And you diehard AC/DC fans want to see this stuff, right? You want to know where your heroes are and what they’re up to. As a rock journalist for over 35 years, it’s kinda my duty to get the scoop on the world’s best bands, don’tcha think? Even if those bands aren’t crazy about the idea, and never invite me backstage again.

Anyway, enough with the explanatory chit-chat. Here’s another photo from the dynamic duo of AC/DC-lovin’ buddies Glenn and Crystal. There might not be any newer ones to come, because word got out that the Aussie earbusters were being spied on, and now there’s a big umbrella on the deck blocking the sight of any legendary rockers sipping coffee or whatever’s in those white mugs.

But for now here’s some proof that Angus and Stevie Young are hangin’ out at the Warehouse along with the Ruddinator and Big Bad Bri (or Triple-B, as I just nicknamed him). I’m not saying they’re recording a new album there, just because they’ve done it three times before. They could be playing Tiddly Winks with longtime mixer-engineer Mike Fraser for all I know. But holy crap–it’s fun to ponder, am I right?

Since I’ve got no concrete evidence of what’s goin’ on behind those brown walls, I’m just gonna wind down this blog with some words from the folks who supplied the photo.

“AC/DC has been one of the main staples in my musical upbringing,” says Glenn, the guy with the camera. “They played a huge part in my high school years and later, whether it be hanging out in the school parking-lot with the AC/DC cranked on a car stereo, or fueling the fire at every bush party. Long live rock!”

“I was 12 years old when Back in Black came out and I went crazy over it,” relates Crystal, who lives in the apartment with the bird’s-eye-view of the Warehouse. “I carried my ghetto blaster on my shoulder with the tunes cranked. I would play AC/DC at home and my mom would yell at me to turn it down. I would sit beside our five-foot long stereo with my headphones on for hours.

“AC/DC is a huge reminder of my teens and a lifetime of rocking on,” she concludes. “We salute you!”

And if you need photographic proof of Crystal’s fondness for Angus and his crew, here’s a shot of her and her friend Deanna rocking it at a 2015 gig. And right under that is a stained-glass AC/DC logo Crystal made.


Now that’s a fan.

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