The Beat Farmers’ wildman drummer Country Dick Montana steals the show in Vancouver

kevin statham photo


By Steve Newton

Picture this: you walk into 86 Street and the first thing you see on stage is a big, bearded mother of a biker-type in a long black coat and cowboy hat. During a raunched-up version of “Lucille”, this crazy dude douses the crowd with beer and then does a graceless swine-dive out onto them.

When he crawls back onstage he sits down, puts another full beer between his legs, lies back, picks the bottle up with his feet, and empties it into the gaping black hole that is his mouth.

Let’s hear it for multi-talented musicians!

Kenny Rogers this guy ain’t. He’s Country Dick Montana, drummer and rude ‘n’ crude show-stealer for San Diego’s great rock band the Beat Farmers.

“So I guess you think you paid $15 to watch some ass play accordion,” bellowed the big fellow as he strapped on that very instrument. “Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what you’ve done!”

Cruder than Maclean and Maclean combined, Montana is a wild man of the first order. At last Thursday’s (November 24) show he alternated between stealing people’s beer and pounding out killer country-cum-boogie tunes like “Hollywood Hills” and “Riverside” from the band’s last two albums, The Pursuit of Happiness and Van Go.


At some point after the gig I got “Country” to autograph the photo Kevin Statham took of him in his glory. He signed it: “Quit laughin’. I might be your Dad.”

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