Robin Trower’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

By Steve Newton

Yep, it’s all about Bridge of Sighs.

20. “Back It Up” (Back It Up, 1983)

19. “A Tale Untold” (For Earth Below, 1975)

18. “Man of the World” (Twice Removed from Yesterday, 1973)

17. “Too Rolling Stoned” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

16. “Twice Removed from Yesterday” (Twice Removed from Yesterday, 1973)

15. “Victims of the Fury” (Victims of the Fury, 1979)

14. “Shame the Devil” (For Earth Below, 1975)

13. “My Love (Burning Love)” (Caravan to Midnight, 1978)

12. “Ready for the Taking” (Victims of the Fury, 1979)

11. “Somebody Calling” (In City Dreams, 1977)

10. “About to Begin” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

9. “I’m Out to Get You” (Caravan to Midnight, 1978)

8. “The Fool and Me” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

7. “Same Rain Falls” (Long Misty Days, 1976)

6. “Sweet Wine of Love” (In City Dreams, 1977)

5. “Little Bit of Sympathy” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

4. “Bridge of Sighs” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

3. “Lady Love” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)

2. “Caledonia” (Long Misty Days, 1976)

1. “Day of the Eagle” (Bridge of Sighs, 1974)





2 responses to “Robin Trower’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

  1. always loved me some good Robin, saw him a five times w/ Procol Harum. His guitar work and BJ Wilson on drums were the draw for me. Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of), Conquistador, Repent Walpurgis,
    Wish Me Well, (my favorite)Crucifiction Lane, Still There’ll Be More, and Song For A Dreamer. Never saw them do Whiter Shade until one time after Robin left and I never went back(1972)

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