Foghat’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

By Steve Newton

Back in the ’70s, Foghat were the kings of boogie.

And boogie ruled, back in the seventies.

20. “Long Way to Go” (Foghat, aka Rock and Roll, 1973)

19. “Fly By Night” (Energized, 1974)

18. “A Hole to Hide In” (Foghat, 1972)

17. “Take It or Leave It” (Fool for the City, 1975)

16. “Stone Blue” (Stone Blue, 1977)

15. “Step Outside” (Energized, 1974)

14. “Eight Days on the Road” (Rock and Roll Outlaws, 1974)

13. “Night Shift” (Night Shift, 1976)

12. “What a Shame” (Foghat, aka Rock and Roll, 1973)

11. “Slow Ride” (Fool for the City, 1975)

10. “Blue Spruce Woman” (Rock and Roll Outlaws, 1974)

9. “Honey Hush” (Energized, 1974)

8. “Dreamer” (Rock and Roll Outlaws, 1974)

7. “Drive Me Home” (Fool for the City, 1975)

6. “Burnin’ the Midnight Oil” (Night Shift, 1976)

5. “I Just Want to Make Love to You” (Foghat, 1972)

4. “Rock and Roll Outlaw” (Rock and Roll Outlaws, 1974)

3. “Home in My Hand” (Energized, 1974)

2. “Fool for the City” (Fool for the City, 1975)

1. “Drivin’ Wheel” (Night Shift, 1976)








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