Tom Petty’s King of the Hill character buys Brownsville Station tix for primo view of Mike Lutz’s guitar solo

By Steve Newton

I was channel surfing last night and came across a King of the Hill episode from 2006 that perked me up and made me yearn for the halcyon days of ’70s arena rock.

At the end of the Season 10 episode titled “Hank Fixes Everything”, the recurring character Lucky–voiced by Tom Petty–buys tickets to a Brownsville Station concert.

“I’d like three tickets for Brownsville Station, directly in front of the speaker tower to the left of the stage,” instructs Lucky, who’s been waiting in line for “one hour and six days”.

“You know those seats are obstructed view,” points out the ticket lady in the box office.

“Not when Mike Lutz climbs up there and play his guitar solo,” replies Lucky. “For those 10 minutes they’re the best seats in the house.”

God bless Tom Petty. And King of the Hill too. Not to mention Brownsville Station.



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