Steely Dan’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

By Steve Newton

Hey, if you think it’s easy trying to decide which 20 Steely Dan songs are their best, why don’t you try it sometime?

20. “Midnite Cruiser” (Can’t Buy a Thrill, 1972)

19. “Peg” (Aja, 1977)

18. “Razor Boy” (Countdown to Ecstasy, 1973)

17. “Bad Sneakers” (Katy Lied, 1975)

16. “Only a Fool Would Say That” (Can’t Buy a Thrill, 1972)

15. “Barrytown” (Pretzel Logic, 1974)

14. “Pearl of the Quarter” (Countdown to Ecstasy, 1973)

13. “Any Major Dude” (Pretzel Logic, 1974)

12. “Reelin’ in the Years” (Can’t Buy a Thrill, 1972)

11. “Josie” (Aja, 1977)

10. “Rose Darling” (Katy Lied, 1975)

9. “Bodhisattva” (Countdown to Ecstasy, 1973)

8. “Don’t Take Me Alive” (The Royal Scam, 1976)

7. “Night By Night” (Pretzel Logic, 1974)

6. “Dirty Work” (Can’t Buy a Thrill, 1972)

5. “Third World Man” (Gaucho, 1980)

4. “My Old School” (Countdown to Ecstasy, 1973)

3. “Kid Charlemagne” (The Royal Scam, 1976)

2. “Do It Again” (Can’t Buy a Thrill, 1972)

1. “Deacon Blues” (Aja, 1977)

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