That time Eddie Money said he liked my work then called me Dave

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SEPT. 13, 2019 (the day Eddie died)

By Steve Newton

You may have heard the sad news making the rounds today: rocker Eddie Money has died of esophageal cancer at the age of 70.

I wasn’t the biggest Eddie Money fan in the world–I don’t own any of his albums or anything–but like most lovers of catchy, melodic rock I never minded hearing “Take Me Home Tonight” or “Two Tickets to Paradise”.

I interviewed Money once back in November of 1988, when he was promoting his new album Nothing to Lose, the followup to his platinum Can’t Hold Back disc of ’86.

As the conversation wound down I asked him if he was going to be coming to Vancouver, and he said that when he did he’d “roll out the red carpet” for me. Then he complimented my writing abilities and called me by the wrong name.

Have a listen:

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