Album review: Cinderella, Long Cold Winter (1988)


By Steve Newton

Cinderella kinda turned me off with their multi-platinum ’86 debut album. I thought they were too much of an Aerosmith clone. It didn’t seem to bother the multitudes of kids that scooped up the record, though.

On their new album they sound a lot more like AC/DC (on “Fallin’ Apart at the Seams” and “Gypsy Road”) and Led Zeppelin (“Long Cold Winter”). But this time it’s me who isn’t bothered, because the tunes sound really good.

They still haven’t found their own identity–and probably never will–but I like the raucous noise they come up with on Long Cold Winter. Like the best metal, it’s got a strong blues base, and Tom Kiefer’s vocals have been honed to a fever pitch. The band sounds tight, and additional playing by ace drummers Cozy Powell and Denny Carmassi doesn’t hurt. Neither does having local keyboard wiz John Webster put in his two bits’ worth. It’s hard to find a record that Webster isn’t on these days.

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