That time I asked Midnight Oil’s Rob Hirst if, six weeks after 9/11, “U.S. Forces” was off the setlist

By Steve Newton

Sometimes it’s fun when you’re searching through your stacks of cassettes packed with interviews you’ve done since 1982 and you find one that captures a crucial moment in history.

I just came across an interview I did with Midnight Oil drummer and cosongwriter Rob Hirst that was dated October 26, 2001, which history buffs might realize was six weeks after Al Queda’s attack on the U.S. that, among other things, took down both of New York City’s World Trade Centre towers.

Knowing that the Oils have a long history of raging against the military aggression of countries like the States, I had to ask Hirst if tunes like “U.S. Forces” were still on the setlist, considering the current socio-political climate.

Have a listen:

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